Outdoor prefabricated substation (For wind powersolar photovoltaic)
Outdoor prefabricated substation (For wind powersolar photovoltaic)
Boerstn Electric Co.,Ltd is one of the toppest Outdoor prefabricated substation in China.During these years of exporting , Boerstn Electric Co.,Ltd now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Currently,  global  energy  scarcity  and  a  growing  emphasis  on  environmental  protection  have  made  improving  energy efficiency and developing renewable energy two critical aspects of sustainable energy advancement. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power have garnered increasing attention and are considered the most promising avenues for large-scale development and application of "green energy." Roughly 20% of the solar radiation received by the Earth is converted into wind energy. If just 1% of the total global wind energy is harnessed for power generation, it would be sufficient to meet the world's entire energy consumption. Consequently, wind power generation, the predominant form of wind energy utilization, and photovoltaic power   abundant wind power resources and solar energy reserves. As the government continues
In China, for the purpose of transmitting power over long distances, it is necessary to boost the outlet voltage of wind or photovoltaic generator sets from 690V. Typically, cables are used to connect the generators to specialized box-type boost transformers. These transformers elevate the voltage to 40.5 kV or 12kV before transmitting it to the central substation of wind farms or photovoltaic electric fields. Further boosting is then performed to integrate the power into the grid. Our company has designed and developed 40.5 kV and 12kV wind power booster transformers and photovoltaic booster transformers to fulfill these requirements and achieve optimal performance in wind turbine and photovoltaic generator set applications.

Model and its meaning

Environmental conditions of use

The altitude is not more than 1000m.
The ambient air temperature is not higher than + 50 C and not lower than-25 C.
Relative humidity: The daily average is not more than 95%,
and the monthly average is not more than 90%. Outdoor wind speed shall not exceed 35m/s.
The installation site is free from fire and explosion hazards, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration. A small amount of dust, smoke,
salt spray and corrosive gas pollution are allowed, and the pollution level does not exceed Class II.
Earthquake intensity: VII degree;
Horizontal acceleration of ground  ≤ 0. 2m/s ; The vertical acceleration  is  less than 0. 1  m/s and the safety factor is  1.67.
Note: Under special use environment, when the use place exceeds the requirements of normal use environment conditions, the user needs to negotiate with the manufacturer.
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