Compact Substation
The product is in accordance with standard IEC61330《HV /LV Compact substation》.It is suitable for city public power distribution, street lamp, industry & mining , urban construction, housing, mountainous areas, hotels, parks and site construction, etc.It can realize power supply mode of ring network and terminal typ.
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  • product details
  • Substation Structure Characteristic
  • Substation INSTALLATION


  • 1.Outdoor Compact d substation consists of high voltage switchgear, transformer and low voltage power distribution device to connect toghter , Compact d substation is divided into three functional compartments (high voltage room, transformer room and low-voltage chamber), high and low voltage chamber functions completely. High voltage side of primary with many power supply methods, also can be fitted with the high-voltage measurement components to meet the high voltage measurement requirement.. The transformer room can choose low loss of oil immersed transformer and dry-type transformer; the transformer chamber is provided with ONAN system and lighting system, low voltage chamber adopts fix type structure or assembled Type structures to consist of users required power supply scheme , such as power distribution, lighting power distribution, reactive power compensation ,electric energy metering and electric quantity measurement, multiple functions to meet the different requirements of users, and to convenient for users to manage the power supply and improve the quality of power supply

  • 2.The structure of high voltage chamber is compact and reasonable, and has a comprehensive anti-misoperation interlocking function. The transformer under the condition of user requirements, can be provided with a guide rail for convenient to get in and out from the two sides door on transformer room . Each room has installed automatic lighting device, in addition , to high and low voltage chamber used all elements of reliable performance, convenient operation and to make the products running safety and reliable, convenient operation and maintenance.

  • 3.Adopting natural ventilation and forced ventilation in two methods to make ventilation and cooling are good. The transformer room and the low voltage chamber are provided with ventilation channel. The exhaust fan is provided with a temperature control device, which is automatically start and close to ensure transformer in full load operaZtionB

  • 4.The box body structure adopts channel steel and angle steel manufacturing, with strong mechanical strength, the enclosure is made of Aluminum Alloy insulation composite plate, stainless steel plate or non metal material manufacturing, surface smoothly, elegant appearance, and has good insulation effect and strong corrosion resistance. The rooms are provided partitions to separate into independent chambers ,the small chamber fitted lighting device, through a door to control switch. The top of the transformer room provided with an exhaust fan, automatically control transformer temperature, increasing air convection to reduces room temperature. The connection part of substation can rotate ,which used with rubber seal with strong moisture resistant ability. Our company has a full set of and by the provincial Identification of drawing materials ,alsp are all computerized and store in computer. If it is standard scheme, we can be efficient, high quality and complete the design task by simply invoke approved documents. If it is non- standard, we can according to user requirements and strictly accordance with ISO9001 quality system requirements,to design CAD drawings with user requirements

  • 5.This product as an important power supply unit of cable distribution network, setting high voltage control, protection, substation, power distribution device in the completely prefabricated product for 50Hz three-phase AC transformer at rated capacity to 1600KVA., It is widely used in the main house district, factories, hotels, hospitals, parks, airports, docks, oil. railway and temporary facilities and outdoor power supply place.

Service Conditions

  • 1.Ambient air temperature: -30℃~+50℃
    2.Altitude : Maximum installation altitude: 2500m
    3.Outdoor wind speed is not more than 35m/s;
    relative humidity: daily average value not more than 95%, the monthly average value not more than 90%;
    4.Seismic intensity not more than 8 degrees;
    5.No fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration

Applied IEC standards

  • Compact substations : IEC61330
    MV metal enclosed Switchgear : IEC 62271-200,IEC 60298
    Switch Disconnector (Isolators) ,and earthing
    Switches : IEC 60694-60129-60265 Power Transformer : IEC 60076
    Low voltage switchgear : IEC 60439-1
    Low Voltage breakers : IEC 60947-2

Product features

  • Substation skeleton structure adopt channel steel and angle steel manufacturing, mechanical strength reliability, enclosure can provide kinds of metal ,stainless steel, non metal enclosure ,which is according to different using occasions , the product is beauty appearance, friendly environment and good corrosion resistance. The substation rooms are separated into independent chambers by partitions.

  • The top cover is a double-layer structure to prevent heat radiation. The transformer top is arranged exhaust fan for automatic controlling transformer room temperature to increase air convection and reduces room temperature. The connection part of substation can rotate ,which used with rubber seal, it has good moisture resistant ability.

HV Room
Transformer Room
LV Room

Product structure diagram features

  • The box frame is welded by high quality channel steel and angle steel. It has higher mechanical strength. The box body is made of aluminum alloy material with better anti-erosion . The overall beautiful appearance can be coordinated with the surrounding environment by spraying painting coloring. A carefully designed bottom lifting device can supply more convenience for transportation and lifting.

  • It has independent high voltage compartment, transformer compartment and low voltage compartment. The lighting of compartment can be automaticswitched on when the door opening. The high voltage compartment installed high voltage ring main unit . User can choose air or vacuum load switch and has function of “ five prevention”. When use limited current high voltage fuse, the load switch will be closing automatically if there has lack of phase working to avoid any damage .

  • The transformer compartment adopts natural ventilation and automatic control forced heat dissipation air cooling device, has automatic control exhaust system following the temperature changes which can efficiently control and decrease the inside temperature and satisfy working requirement. The anti condensation device can also be used according to the user's requirements . It can inlet and outlet through the 2 sides of transformer along track. Box materials can prevent rain and dirt from entering . Having conditions for long-term outdoor use, to ensure anticorrosion and waterproof,anti-dust, long life, simple maintenance and beautiful appearance.

  • The transformer can be oil immersed or dry type transformer. Oil immersed transformer can use conservator type or without conservator with highly sealed type

  • The Low voltage compartment has whole function of L.V. switchgears for user choice which can be assembled freely.

  • Its enclosure material has clad plate, stainless steel clad plate, stainless steel plate, SGCD(Steel sheet coated with aluminum-zinc alloy) , Metal engraved plate.

  • Structure characteristics: reliable and compact ,can choose SF6,FZN57, VHC ring main unit (RMU) ,all of them has function of five prevention interlocking. Natural ventilation and automatic ventilation cooling systems of transformer is suitable for dry type or oil immersed transformer.

  • Low voltage compartment: can adopt distribution scheme with multiple structures according to user requirement, there has multiple function like power distribution, light distribution, reactive power automatic compensation, power energy meteringY.It hBas fitted automatic lighting system.

Technical parameter




High Voltage Unit

Rated frequency



Rated Voltage






Max service voltage






Rated current



transformer current



1min power frequency withstand voltage to earth and phase
to phase /Fracture






BIL: to earth and phase to phase






Rated short circuit breaking current



Transformer Unit

Rated Voltage



Rated Capacity



Tap ranging



Vector Group





Low Voltage Unit

Rated Voltage



Main circuit rated current



Branch current




Protection Level

HV Room:IP44
Transformer Room:IP44
LV Room:IP44

Noise level



Enclosure Schematic diagram


4.Lifting ring

7. Brick, imitation brick wall

2 shutters

5. Channel base

8.Concrete foundation

3. External metering unit

6. Door

9.Foundation vents

Enclosure structure classification

Metal enclosure
  • Metal enclosure( Colored steel composite sheet.)
  • Non-metal enclosure
  • Metal with wood enclosure
  • Stainless steel enclosure

Compact Substation Inspection Process

  • 1.Compact Substation should meet the following requirements:
    1)Inspection certificate and accompanying technical documents, with a factory test records;
    2)Visual inspection: Nameplate, completely accessories, insulation items without defects, cracks, part of oil-filled no leak-out, inflatable pressure high-voltage equipment indicating normal, coating integrity.

  • 2.Construction process and description
    1)The construction process Laying based steel → laying ground grid →compact substation handling →compact substation installation → cable termination connection.
    2)Process Description Laying based steel (1)Indoor base of cable and based platform with 1:25 concrete mortar surface, thickness of 20mm, the surface to be smooth.
    (2)The basis of steel should be strictly in accordance with the drawings and specifications to lay and be treated with preservatives.
    (3)Equipment installation of fasteners should be used in galvanized to all products (except bolt outside).
    (4)To install its equipment base steel tolerances are shown in Table 8.2-5. Table 8.2-5 base steel installation tolerances


Allow tolerance


mm/ total long

No vertical






Position error & no parallel


  • (5)After installing basic steel, its top should be higher than the flat ground 10mm, base-steel should have more than two place to reliable grounding
    (6)Compact Substation between the base and the foundation to use cement mortar seal so as to avoid rain water into the compact substation ; After the cable into the Compact Substation, the gap between cable and pipe required to waterproof and seal; The bottom of compact substation need to slightly tilted to avoid water
    (7)The number of inlet and outlet and the cable diameter, can be determined according to the actual situation of the user's location and the inlet and outlet , spacing of pipe row not less than 30mm

  • 3.Laying ground grid Grounding device should comply with DL / T 621-1997 "grounded AC electrical installations" requirements.

  • 4.Precautions for installation of hoisting and transportation:
    1).The grounding electrode should be pre buried around the foundation of Compact substation. The transformer & anti-lightning grounding can be used together, the grounding resistance R <4Ω.
    2).Application of special lifting tools for Compact substation hoisting, the lifting part must be according to the marked location of the Compact substation .The connection place of bottom & foundation of Compact substation need to be sealed by cement for waterproof.
    3).The gap must be sealed after the cables go into the bushing for insect prevention and waterproof.
    4)..It must check below conditions before the transportation :
    The connection place of its bottom and the foundation must be smooth. If open the doors with stuck phenomenon , because of uneven foundation, So it must adjust the connection place to be even.
    Adjustment method : slitting thin iron sheet on the gap between the Compact substation bottom side and base gap until the door opening flexible. When the Compact substation is completely assembled, loadingmust pay attention to keep a certain distance between the whole Compact substation and the front of the vehicle to prevent the car front and rear crash due to brake , while bottom frame of Compact substation and car bottom must use welding to fix, then using steel wire to chassis vehicle bottom and bottom frame , and using rope from the top to the car to make it fix a few low on the road. Where the ropes are bent, the boards must be lined with cardboard or other soft materials to protect the surface of the coating from damage. In order to keep the box type station in operation intact, it is better to clean and wipe the interior and exterior after power cut for one year.If it is found that the outer surface of the Compact substation is contaminated after the installation, it can be wiped with detergent and rinsed with clean water.

  • 5.After fininshed installation, each cabinet room of compact substation need to a comprehensive inspection, the main contents as follows:
    (1)Check the drawings, view the device components, whether wiring, are consistent with designed or not
    (2)Checking the phase sequence is correct.
    (3)Adjusted five against mechanical locking device, requiring flexible and reliable. (4)Adjustment switch, grounding switch, require fast, reliable, good contact.

  • 6.Cable termination connection
    Primary, secondary wiring of compact substation, the control lines should be connected correctly, and connecting should comply with the relevant regulation of «cable termination»

  • III.inspection and testing

    1.Quantitative detection
    1)Transformers, high and low voltage cabinet over test
    2)Transformers withstand voltage test.
    3)24h load test.

    2.Qualitative examination 1)"Five Anti" function tests.
    2) Measurement, protection and monitoring function tests. 3 )Open and close function tests.
    4) Phase Check.
    5)Check the safety facilities.

  • IV.O ther

    1.After the installation is completed, aside nozzle holes and outdoor Compact (subtation) should be prepared within the block, referred to freeze the area, it should be measures to prevent freezing of water inside the tube.
    2.The switch of outgoing should be marked direction, that the name of the user to the location
    3.Shell of substation should paint or install the safety warning signs"Beware of electric shock", "high hazard, do not touch" and other

Civil foundation diagramof "ground type" non-metallic Compact substation

Documents and materials

  • Complete set to provide the following documents
    1 Product packing list;
    2Product factory test report;
    3Product manual instruction;
    4Equipment list;
    5Secondary wiring diagram;
    6The products are supplied according to the catalog and equipment list;

Order formate

  • Pls kindly supply following information ,if you have any enquiry on Compact substation
    1)Altitude : ≤1000m or ≥1000m
    2)Outdoor enclosure material: Composite plate or Metal cold rolled sheet
    3)HV Room request:

(a) Switch type :

(1) Fix or withdrawable

(2) Rated current

(3) Rated voltage

(4) IP protection


(1) LBS or VCB

(2) Operation method : Manual or


(1)LBS or VCB or fuse load break switch

(2)Operation method : Manual or Motorised

(3) PT loop request or not

4)Transformer Room

Capacity (kVA)

Losses request:

Rated voltage ratio (kV)

No load losses(W)

Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz

Load losses (W)

5)Low Voltage Room

LV incoming


(a)Fixed (b)withdraw


or 4P


(a)Fixed (b) withdraw


or 4P

LV outgoing

Loop quantity

LV outgoing
switch selecting


(b)withdraw (c) Fuse


or 4P

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