• 1. Horizontal Ground Conductor
  • 2. Copper Bonded Ground Rod
  • 3. Lightning Protection Zone
  • 4. Down Conductory
  • 5. Lsoelectric
  • 6. Compact Substations
  • 7. High Voltage Switchgear
  • 8. Power Transformer
  • 9. Low Voltage Switchgear

Applications in the power grid


  • Power plants are generating electrical energy, with voltages up to 40.5 K V, which makes its way to transformer stations and dispersion switchgear.

  • These distribution switchgears are used in distributing power, protecting&measuring the electrical system. Here also, a number of cubicles of Boerstn HV&LV switchgear are used by many companies.

  • Our high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear enter residental or industrial complex, power stations, transformer substation, hotels and sport venues etc.

  • Everywhere of these places, the HV&LV switchgear performs four essential functions:


On the high voltage loop of the medium voltage distribution system operator (DSO) there is a derivation allowing the switching in the loop.


The installation is protected with a load break switch combined with HRC fuses or through a circuit breaker with integrated protection relays.

Measurement -

The energy consumption is measured on the high voltage side or on the low voltage side.

Transformation -

The medium voltage is transformed to low voltage (690 V-400 V-231 V).
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