Boerstn's modernization and turnkey power system services place personnel in the field to complete a variety of undertakings. such as managing a construction project from start to finish, reconditioning or upgradng equipment, or modernizing your power system. With our project management services, you’ll have a single point of accountability and a reduced risk of project delays and failures. The result is a safer,more reliable and cost-efficient power system.

So that support is there when and where you need it, Boerstn has experienced engineers and field technicians located through out the world. In addition, we provide additional support from regional product centers for specialized services like equipment reconditioning.

Turnkey project implementation

We offer centrally coordinated management of all procurement, including the design, production, delivery ,installation, startup and commissioning of the products and systems required to implement unique power system solutions.

Whether you have single or multiple sites, Boerstn has the capabilities and the expertise to function as your single-source service provider.

Project management

Boerstn's project management group relieves you from the burden of multi-supplier coordination by serving as a single point of accountability for all technical financial and commercial coordination within the scope of the project. Additionally, our turnkey engineers manage the technical and commercial risk inherent in meeting project objectives, including performance, cost  and time goals. Depending on your needs, Boerstn manages either designated or all aspects of your system design and development.

Power system projects

Boerstn can help you improve the performance, reliability and efficient operation of your existing electrical distribution system as well as extend the useful life of all equipment by modernizing your electrical infrastructure.

Boerstn's projects include design services of all disiplines, equipment production ,procurement and shipment, construction services (site, civil, electrical structural), startup ,installation & commissioning (all voltage classes complex relay schemes ) as-built drawings, manuals, and project closeout.

Engineering and design

  • Electrical, civil and structural design to 245kV
  • Distribution transformer upto 400 KV
  • Design services , Equipment specification
  • Drawing development including civil design
  • Protection, automation and control design
  • Power system studies: power quality, grounding, lightning protection, harmonic analysis, short circuit / coordination, Arc Flash, VAR compensation

Project and construction management

  • Single-point responsibility
  • Centralized project management group
  • On-site installation supervision
  • Standardized documentation practices including scheduling, reporting, and project closeout
  • Project management/ scheduling
  • MS Project
  • Web-based system for documentation sharing

Production and procurement

  • Boerstn has factories in China ,mainly manufactures low voltage / high voltage equipments, like switchgears, controlgears, power distribution transformers, RUM, GIS, compact substations, circuit breakers..etc
  • All parts are from China top brand like CHINT, Delixi , or others like ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Westinghouse, General, etc

Start-up and commissioning

  • Acceptance testing and installation certification – all manufacturers & suppliers
  • Start-up & ground fault certifications
  • Interconnect confirmation and commissioning
  • Utility integration
  • Warranty extension and training

Multi-vendor equipment supply chain

  • Complete range of Boerstn products available
  • Coordination and purchase of all third-party customer preferred components
  • Prefabricated control house
  • Modular collector substation

Installation services

  • Nationwide subcontracting capability of all trades – on-site project management
  • Site preparation, excavation, foundation, and grounding installation
  • Steel erection, equipment installation, welding, cable connections and assembly
  • Equipment set and final connections
  • Power transformer replacement and installation
  • Installation or replacement of vacuum / SF6 circuit breakers, load break switches, disconnectors, automatic circuit reclosers..etc
  • Conduits, cables, steel structures, equipment placement
  • Civil demolition and construction

Maintenance, emergency services

  • Short/long term maintenance contracts
  • remote monitoring and support
  • Emergency services and response for all your substation needs
  • Immediate personnel dispatch
  • Monitoring of relaying
  • measurement, metering ,HV,MV,LV
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