GW4 Outdoor High Voltage Disconnector Switch
GW4 Type serial High Voltage Outdoor Disconnector comply with requirements in IEC62271-102:2002《AC Disconnecting Switches and Earthing Switches》and IEC60694:1996 《Common Clause for High voltage Switchgear and Control Devices》. 
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Ambient Condition:

  • • Altitude:≤1000-3000m
    •Ambient temperature:no more than 40°C and no less than -30°C(no less than -40°C in alpina areas )
    •Wind speed:≤34m/s
    •Earthquake intensity:≤8 degree
    •Air pollution :IV
    •Ice thickness:≤100mm
    •the installation location shall be free from flammable ,explosive dangerous articies,chemical corrosion and flerce vibration
    •The pollution grade of post insulator :o for general type and 2 for pollution resistance type.

Main technical parameter

Technical data
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